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High quality instruction matters. Daily instruction (teaching and learning) at every 7Cs Academy campus will be through a rigorous, standards-based and competency-based educational model grounded in student expectations (SEs) from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This expectation addresses the Competencies virtue with Designing Learning. For simplicity’s sake, we use Competencies, and Content interchangeably because they refer to TEKS and SEs.  

The Governing Board and CEO appreciate the vision of legislators during the Regular Session of the 74th Texas Legislature in 1995, when they first authorized Charter Schools in Texas. The legislators envisioned that the essential knowledge and skills should ensure all children:

“demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to read, write, compute,

problem solve, think critically, apply technology, and communicate across

all subject areas.”

Based on current year student outcome STAAR data, the vision of the 74th Texas Legislature remains aspirational after 25 years. This is one more reason why 7Cs Academy is needed for San Antonio.